Old Mutual Joberg2C Day 1: Koeksister Strategy



Three water points, two koeksisters at each, six for the day, simple nutrition strategy for the opening day of the Old Mutual Joberg2c.


The last water point at Bambini forced me to change this strategy somewhat, where I had to swap my koeksisters for marshmallows, dipped in condense milk and then rolled in crumbed chocolate… Tough day I can see you thinking, it sounds like we are on eating camp, but I’m really not. With the first day of the Joberg2C being a neutral one we were able to enjoy the water points much more than what we usually are. The rumours of their excellence where all true and even exceeded expectations


Besides the eating, Hanco and I had a good trouble free day. I was able to test out my newly fitted XX1 drivetrain which I really enjoyed.


In preparation for the real racing to start tomorrow we will be refuelling with Karan beef steaks tonight and swapping our koeksisters for energy bars and gels in the morning.

2 thoughts on “Old Mutual Joberg2C Day 1: Koeksister Strategy

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