Old Mutual Joberg2C – Team Karan Beef

After an exceptionally busy two months I enjoyed the last weekend at home this weekend. It has been great to not have to live out a bag and be in one place for more than a couple of days!


Cape Town was met by some unseasonably hot temperatures over the weekend. The mercury hit 36C, with not a breath of wind. Exceptionally unusual for April when autumn usually starts to set in. I’ll take the heat over the cold and rain any day though so I wasn’t complaining.


Something I also realised over the weekend is that I haven’t done a proper full training week since the beginning of February! The schedule has been: race, recover, sharpen, race and then repeat. I think I’ve maintained decent form through the period though so I am happy with it.


The training I have been doing is gearing up for my next challenge. The Old Mutual Joberg2C which kicks off next week Friday. I will be partnering up with Hanco Kachelhofer and we will be racing the 9 day stage race under the Karan Beef banner. It will be my first time at Joberg2C and to say I am excited would be an understatement. I’ve heard many favourable reviews of the race and with Hanco and I in good shape, we have set our goals high. Our secret weapon will be eating Karan beef steaks every night, high in protein and iron!



The ginger ninja, AKA my partner Hanco, considering a career change, interested agents can get in touch with me #schmodel.


For those of you not familiar with the race, it starts on the outskirts of Joberg from the Karan Beef farm; it then traverses for 3 days across the Free State until you arrive at what is traditionally the start of the 3 day Berg and Bush race. We follow the awesome Berg and Bush trails for 3 days before arriving at the start of the final third of the race. In somewhat familiar territory for me now, the last 3 days of the race follow the Sani2C race where we will finish on the beach in Scottbrugh some 9 days later. It will be an adventure for sure! If you want to check it out a bit more, here is the race website: http://www.joberg2c.co.za/


The race will broadcast on Supersport each evening at 9.30pm on SS8 in a 15minute highlights package, so tune in to catch us hopefully ripping up the trails at the sharp end.


Until next time, I’ve got a couple more days at home to enjoy and some Easter eggs to eat this weekend!





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