Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek Pre Race Preview

The day has finally arrived!


It all came about on a training ride one morning. Oli Munnik mentioned the idea of riding the Cape Pioneer together and after some consideration we were in.


Yesterday we made the trek down from Cape Town to the bustling Karoo town of Oudtshoorn. The trip was entertaining to say the least with DJ Haselbacher on the decks and former race car driver, Nizaam at the wheel. They will be teaming up this week to form the second Asrin Cycling Team.

This morning Oli and I went for a quick burn around the prologue route. To say it was rad would be an understatement. The kilometres of flowing, loose, rocky single track are unbelievable and the best part is that we get to ride it again this afternoon!

We’ll be on the starting grid at 14:41 to take on the 16km prologue. A shorter stage, but a tough 6 days still awaits us starting tomorrow. That doesn’t matter though because “honey badger don’t give a sh!t” and that’s the mentality we’ll have to adopt for this tough week in the Karoo.

Warning: Content not suitable for younger viewers.

I’ll try keep the blogs coming through the week, time and signal dependent of course. I’ll be posting more regular updates on my Twitter account which you can follow here and the race Twitter account here.


Here’s to a bad ass race!

Engen Dynamic Cycle Challenge Wellington

The Engen Dynamic Cycle Challenge was held this last weekend in Wellington and I some good reasons to be looking forward to the race.


The first being that the pro teams from Joburg would be down and this would afford me the opportunity to benchmark myself against them. With Bonitas, MTN, Westvaal-BMC and Tasol GT here it meant a number of the top road professionals in the country would be on the line to race. I wanted to see how I would stack up against them. I was quite happy with how I went, bar my sprint at the end where I got boxed in and didn’t really have much of a chance.


Secondly and related to the above I hoped the racing would be more positive and thus harder than what we are normally used to here in the Cape. On this front the race didn’t disappoint. The racing was on from the gun and the climb through Riebeck Kasteel provided an opportunity for the 218 rider strong peloton to be split. There was a group of 5 up front including 4 MTN Qhubeka riders, I found myself in the next group of 20 or so riders. There was also a 3rd group of also 20 riders and these 3 groups joined on the decent. This selection of 50 riders is where the winner would come from.


We were also lucky enough to have rolling road closure on the day. This made a huge difference and allowed us to race properly without having to worry about if we were crossing the white line and would be disqualified.


Lastly the organisers had put up some good prize money on the day (down to 10th place I might add). This is a great incentive to the racing and I can assure you all the pros are grateful for it.


So all in all a big up to the Engen Dynamic Race Organisers for a great event! Some of our local race organisers could certainly learn a thing or two from them. There will be two further events in the series, one in Port Elizabeth and another in Durban. I however will unfortunately not be able to attend due to other racing commitments.