Squirt Lube News

Things have been happening in the world of Squirt Chain Lube! A few of the latest ongoings include:

Squirt Chain Lube was used at the Kids MTB Camp 2011

Image Credit: Jess Wolhuter

Bart Brentjens just chose Squirt lube for his team, Milka Superior, saying it is the only lube that works for them in all conditions, from the deserts of Australia winning the Crocodile Trophy, in the dust and heat of the Cape Epic, to a silver medal in the mud of Champery at XC World Champs. Check out this link  http://www.mountainbikeracingteam.com/en/squirt

The Legend: Bart Brentjens

Image Credit: cyclingnews.com

Also have a look at this article on proper chain lubrication, in Mountain Bike Action (the leading mtb magazine in the US and the world), where they say Squirt is their secret weapon for smooth and fast drivetrains:


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