Vive Le Tour

It has always been a dream of mine to watch the Tour de France. This week that dream came true.

After an interesting start to the day leading into a full on sprint with a heavy back pack and bike bag, no easy feat let me tell you, I just made my first train on my trip from my Belgian Homestay, Leuven, to Grenoble in France. I managed to organise a reservation on a faster train in Lille and this saw me arriving in Grenoble at 2.30pm as opposed to the original planned 9pm.


The Cube Litening Super HPC Pro is an amazing multi functional bike!

I set off and managed to find my camp site quite easily. A rather small one at that with my fellow campers just metres away on either side.

I lie here now typing this on my Blackberry.

A big thanks to Gerry for lending me the two second tent, check it out on Youtube if you haven’t seen one before, and a sleeping bag. I opted against taking the blow up mattress due to weight but I must say my bike bag is rather comfy 😉 living the dream… Still got a smile on my face!


Dinner! Real French Baguettes are amazing!


  Tram Stop in Grenoble


Tomorrow Ill ride up Alpe du Huez with a friend from Pietermaritzburg, Brad Stroberg and then later watch the GC men battle it out!

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