Busy, Busy…

A busy, busy last two weeks it has been!

My preparations for the 2011 season started off with the Mr Price Karlkloof Trailblazer some two weeks ago. A cool race treated as a training ride to get back into the swing of things. This lead into a week of gym work and time on the bike. I have really enjoyed training again and getting back into the routine of it. I am trying a somewhat different approach in my preparation to next year with the guidance and suggestions of my coach Ian. Back to the saying “innovate or die”, taken with a pinch of salt of course. I’m thinking if I do the same thing each year where will the improvement come from?

Dinner at Basic Bistro with the balies.

I have also moved into my new flat with Mr Kriek. A cyclist who will surely make a name for himself in South African racing circles next year. Our new home is just outside Stellenbosch in the Klein Welgevonden area. Our flat has been aptly named the “Zen Den”, you will have to consult Mr Kriek further to find the true meaning of this but it apparently has something to do with Sonja my Bonsai (so named by Mr Kriek) and Christian’s Zen Poetry book…

My other reason for re-visiting Stellenbosch was to go to my graduation ceremony this past Wednesday. Fortunately it was not too long and I was pretty stoked to finally have the piece of paper confirming I do actually have my degree now. Some wise words were spoken by the Chancellor at the end of the ceremony and these can be well applied in life.

My Dad and I.

The Mom and I.


It was back to Maritzburg for a couple of days. One, for the HP Urban Rage taking place this past weekend. The Urban Rage is a short urban themed mountain bike course with manmade berms, floating water bridges and jumps. There are many other obstacles including starting on a 5m high start ramp with BMX style start gates and riding over the Man Line trucks.  

One of the water bridges.

Gasping for air after my first heat, felt like we were racing in Joburg not at the beach!

Wooden berm.

It was a great day of racing, albeit I lacked a bit of leg speed. But nonetheless I had a fun day on the bike and the 4 laps I had done in total with the individual heats and the team race had me knackered. I didn’t manage to qualify for the Super Cat finals but Tyrone and I finished up a solid 7th in the team comp.

 Table Top.

Pushing to the finish.

Today the Kids Mountain Bike Camp kicked off. There are about 15 kids taking part and we had a fun day out in the forests. After a morning out ride we stopped for tea kindly sponsored by Dulce Cafe.

Trying to win the dirtiest kid of the day award.

Recuperating for round two!

Following this the kettathlon took place. A concept in which the guys rode in teams with each rider doing a short XC style lap and then having to shoot with a Kattey, the kids had to hit the target before tagging their team mate who would then carry on. The winning team each got a bottle of Squirt Chain Lube for their efforts.

Kattey Shooting.

Group photo.

Be sure to tune in for day 2 and 3 of the camp!

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