Mr Price Karlkloof Trail Blazer

For the first time in just under 6 weeks the Cube and I lined up behind the chalk. This time it was different in that we wouldn’t be racing full gas but rather at a more sedate enjoyable pace. Don’t get me wrong I love racing but it was fun to go to a race, not worry about being a few minutes late and enjoying a couple of drinks the night before.

So off to the Karlkloof Country Club on Sunday morning for the Mr Price Karlkloof Trail Blazer it was. The weather in Hilton over the last week has been crappy: misty and drizzly every day but Sunday morning clear sunny skies and temperatures which would soar to 35C greeted us. Awesome!

Good friend Craig Paul (Jeep) and I had decided to ride together in the week before. Our start was so relaxed we were chilling under a gazebo next to the start line as the gun went off and only got moving a couple of moments later.

The highlight of the Trail Blazer is the awesome single track and too the abundance of it. There are so many trails which are all in tip top condition that doing this race is only a pleasure. The track is so flowing and fun it’s just amazing! Highlights include The Gauntlet and Supertubes and about 15 other trails I can’t remember the names of! (No exaggeration)

The Gauntlet

Image compliments Mr Price Karlkloof Classic 


 It is hard to explain how great the course is so if you’re a mountain biker do yourself a favour, take yourself and your bike out to Karlkloof one weekend, pay your 20 bucks for your day permit and spend that day having the most fun possible on two wheels shredding up the dirt!

Entries for the Kids Mountain Bike Camp are still open so if you have any smartie gobblers be sure to get those entries in quick!

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