The Catch Up Post: Part 1

This is part one, in a two part catch up post from the racing over the past few weeks.

It seems as though it has been some time since I’ve last posted on the site again. It seems to have again slipped away. Fortunately since my last post, I’ve encountered a great block of racing and have achieved some results I’m very happy with.

Rewinding a few weeks, following the Gravel and Grape, it was off to Hermanus for a long weekend away. I then heard about a new event, the Walker Bay Urban Extreme Mountain Bike Criterium in town over the weekend and I couldn’t help but take part.



What is an urban mountain bike criterium I hear you ask? Well, a short course mountain bike event often set within a town encountering urban obstacles as opposed to more natural ones and on a short criterium style lap. The Walker Bay Extreme had cobbles, steps and wooden bridges within the circuit set up in Hermanus by the Old Harbour winding its way through the various bars and restaurants.

It was a great concept and one which I hope grows next year. I managed to take the win on the day, as well as a hotspot on the second lap which totalled to a successful day out. Jarryd Hayley was second and Jürgen’s Uys in 3rd.



Following the criterium I was called by Andrew Hill to ask if I would be keen to ride the Nedbank Sani2c with him in two weeks’ time. Naturally I jumped at the opportunity.

As a final tune up I headed off to Wellington, a short drive away for the annual Gravel Travel Classic. The Gravel Travel encompasses some of the finest trails in the Welvenpas Valley and is really a great event, unfortunately for me I wasn’t feeling as rad as the trails we were riding are and I called it a day to record my first DNF in some time.

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow.