Wine & winning

Some 8 years ago as a first year student at Stellenbosch University I rode the Fine Breede River mountain bike classic for the first time. It was great to be back at well organised event hosted by passionate organisers who were proud to show off their area to us, the Breede Kloof valley is a beautiful one indeed.


It was however always a race I wanted to win, the reason? The winner takes home worth your weight in wine! I remember on that cold rainy day a few years ago, I helped a good friend and pro at the time Johnny Kritzinger load his Audi with the boxes and thought: β€œMan I need to win this race one day!”


I managed to make it happen on Saturday, after a couple of early surges from my fellow competitors, I rode off the front early on in the 46km race, it was no walk in the park so to speak. With trails used in the recent Cape Epic and much of the climbing in the first 20km of the race, I pushed hard without really knowing the gap to my competitors racing behind. A recent addition thanks to the Epic is numerous sections of single track which were well crafted and a pleasure to race on.


It was great to win again; it has been a few months! Andy Davies managed to take second. This time I got to be that guy, loading the wine into my car to take home. The 66 bottles will keep me busy for a month or two, a bottle a day keeps the doctor away right? πŸ˜‰