2014 Season Opener

What may have seemed to be weeks away, just the other day, is now upon us. The race season.


Gone are the base rides with regular stops to leisurely sip on a couple of cappuccinos, in exchange for the taste of blood in your throat.


Yes with the race season on the cards, intervals too are back in full swing. The first road race of the season has come and gone. I have saved my virginity for the Fairview Attakwas Extreme, a wise decision? Maybe not, but it will definitely be a rude awakening.


In all seriousness, training has gone quite well. It is still early in the build phase and I am not expecting fireworks come Saturday morning, when I line up on the dirt in Oudtshoorn.   A mighty 121km and 2900m of ascent lie’s between us and the finish line in Groot Brak, hopefully later that day… Did I mention the Attakwas Kloof? Two words which may cause many a sleepless night amongst racers, a: rough, rocky, undulating section of jeep track through a beautiful valley (if you get a chance to look at the view) where the race attributes its name to.


The last few weeks, as I mentioned have gone fairly well training wise. I kicked off things again in Cape Town. It was great to be on familiar roads again until I swapped them out for the roads in KZN. I was back in Hilton for Christmas with the family and had a great time.


It wasn’t quite back to Cape Town yet before I joined Ash and her family in Knysna over the remainder of the festive season. Knysna afforded some great mountain biking, including the 7 passes road and the new Garden Route Trail Park. If you are in the area check it out, it is well worth the visit. I was also afforded the privilege of riding with a certain Mr James Reid and being subjected to his noteworthy quotes such as: “With this mist it looks just like Narnia bru” on early morning pedals.

jan blog

Knysna Lagoon.

blog jan 2

Mid ride refuel on Mr Evan’s famous Plett group ride.

Image Credit: Kevin Evans


As I write I have been back in Cape Town for a good two weeks now, catching up with the boys and logging in a couple of efforts. It’s back on the road tomorrow as we head down to Oudtshoorn for the season opener. As my first mountain bike race, racing at the sharp end in over a year, it should be interesting to say the least. Winding back the clock, Oudtshoorn does however provide good racing memories with the O-Man at the 2012 Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek where we secured 3rd overall.


Until next week, I suspect the next post may require some extra coffee to get out, after the mammoth task that awaits on Saturday morning.

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