A weekend off in Greenville

As I mentioned in my last blog I thought this blog too, would come to you as I soared in a steel bird above the earth’s surface. Alas, due to some travel plan confusion I would not be on my way to Utah for the Crushar in the Tushar.

Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise and I spent my first weekend at home in Greenville in as long as I can remember. A quick look at my calendar confirms the last weekend at home was the 18/19th of May!

It was good to get in some training on the fantastic roads in and around Greenville. They really are world class! Last week Thursday I headed on an epic ride out to Brevard with Brian, Alder and Butler. We did the Caesars Head climb followed by the Parkway climb up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was a hard but nonetheless fun day out.


Old water wheel on the outskirts of Greenville.parkway climb

At the top of the Parkway climb with Butler and Alder.

This coming weekend it’s back to business at the SRS Asheville – French Broad Classic. The 3 day omnium kicks off tomorrow with a 16km or 10 mile Mercx style TT, followed by a 100km road race with two big climbs and finishes off with a crit on Sunday. A Mercx style time trial for those not in the know is one in which you have to ride a normal road bike and helmet. The idea is that it evens out the playing field as it does not favour the guys who own TT bikes and aero equipment. It should be an interesting day out with it being my first TT on the road in a good few years. An omnium is similar to a tour but the overall race is calculated on points and not time. I am really looking forward to a good weekend of racing!


Mercx style, just like the legend himself.

Greenville really has become a place which feels like home to Ash and I. We have made some great friends and enjoyed many fantastic times here. I will be sad to leave come the end of the season, although hopefully we will be back next year.

Next week’s blog will come from ground level once again!

Until then, ciao.

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