The happenings in and around Greenville

Without too much news from the last week, I’ve decided to do a more photo orientated blog post of the happenings in and around Greenville over the last week.


My lunch box for a day out on the bike. I have a few different things I keep in the cupboard to try and mix up what I take for training each day. My newest training food is some awesome Banana Rice Muffins (you can get the recipe from The Feed Zone cook book).


Motor pacing. In order to work on my speed a bit more for Speed Week next week, I’ve had a few sessions behind the scooter. I’ve just finished an interval here, with Brian making me bleed from my eye balls with the flick of his wrist, as you can see I’m sucking air big time!


Riding with the Hincapie boys always provides a few laughs. We found a tortoise in the middle of the road out training the one day (they called it a Turtle). Blair showed that at least if he doesn’t make it as a cyclist, he at least has a modelling career to fall back on. I, being the African, was the only one brave enough to touch the shell with my bare hands, pansies…


After living in Cape Town one forgets how lucky we are in terms of getting good coffee and croissants, although the latter need to be kept on restricted quantities. I have struggled to find what us snobby Captonians would call good coffee in America. Often the closest I can get to what we would call an Americano back home, is a double espresso with 4 ounces of hot water. Isn’t it quite ironic, that you can’t get a good Americano in America? Drip or filter coffee is the order of the day! Ash and I set about making our own croissants the other day, they were really good!


I have been missing braai’s from back home big time! We had as close as we could get to a South African braai the other evening. It was pretty awesome! Wors was replaced by a sausage similar to Bratwurst.


Greenville is a beautiful place and Ash and I have enjoyed some great afternoon walks in Cleveland Park along the river.


Just in case you were wondering, I am still maintaining a good racing weight, although it may not look like it! Haha.


Until next week folks, ciao!


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