Getting Settled in the US of A

After travelling in a steel bird for over 30 hours I found myself on the other side of the Atlantic in the USA. Why you may ask? I’m here to join the Stan’s No Tubes P/B Proferrin Cycling Team based out of Greenville, South Carolina, one of the three major cycling hubs in the States.

For those Ride readers who don’t know I’ve been racing mountain bikes through South Africa for the last few years. Last year I rode for the Asrin Cycling Team and did numerous marathons and stage races across the country. After some consultation with my good friend Hasi I decided to give the road scene a bash and was fortunate enough to be picked up by the Stan’s team. (Check out the team site). I was particularly excited about coming to the USA due to the large number of criteriums races which they have here.

Over the past few days I’ve become more familiar with my surroundings in Greenville, mostly thanks to my team manager and fellow rider Brian Hill who’s been carting me around town. Greenville seems to be a pretty cool place and I think I will enjoy spending the year here.


Pete building up our steeds.IMG_20130226_192857

Jake Wells(pro cross racer) showing off  the multiple uses of a wrench’s/mechanic’s apron.

First team training ride on the Swamp Rabbit Trail.


Our team training camp has just kicked off and it has been great meeting the rest of my teammates and having another Christmas in a sense with all the new equipment. The team will be riding Stan’s Tubeless road wheels which is a concept still relatively unheard of in SA. We all learnt how to seal our own tyres last night and it’s quite similar to sealing a mountain bike wheel. The guys don’t ride with spare tubes and just top up the sealant twice a season. Pretty sweet!

The first full team ride was a three-hour session with a couple of ‘through and off’ efforts to get the legs going. I rode on the tubeless wheels for the first time and was blown away by how you can really hook it through the corners! A big six hour ride with a flurry into hills was on the cards for the second day, followed by a day with the sponsors. This coming weekend we’ll be doing a local race here in Greenville.

To say that I’m excited about this year would be an understatement!


Heading out for a ride with the team sponsors. Yes that is a certain Mr George Hincapie(Hincapie Clothing) in the black kit, very cool guy.


Stan’s No Tubes van.


Team bikes.

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