Dashing Wheels and Sprinting like an Amateur…

Thought I’d get a quick out a couple of words out with a news update for the last two weeks.


Last week I was very privileged to receive my new Black Spade Racing road machine. I had a custom spray job done and she’s looking very stealth. The Black Spade 60mm deep section wheels give the new beast the added bling factor. Besides their dashing looks, they’re amazing wheels!

I only picked up my bike Friday afternoon I took it for a quick spin, before I was to put her to her first real test the next morning, in the first Western Cape Spring League event. We would be racing on the renowned Paardeberg circuit.


Unfortunately the racing was very negative and with no real wind to speak of the circuit wasn’t hard enough to split up the field. When the racing did get hard, on the last climb, of the last circuit I was frustratingly not there… My seat clamp bolt wasn’t tightened properly and this resulted in my seat falling off. I made my way to the finish in my own time but not with the result I wanted.


Meanwhile Charlie had taken it upon himself to make it as hard as possible on the climb and in the process rode away from the peloton, to the front break of four riders, and eventually went on to win with Alastair Davies taking second.


This began a big 3 day block for me with Charles and I riding back to Cape Town afterwards.


Come Wednesday, I lined up for my first Killarney criterium of the season. I love racing Killarney every week and am glad summer is on its way. I had a decent race getting into a few moves but I wanted to have a bit of a crack at the sprint. This was when amateur hour started and I finished in 9th place on the evening.

Image Credit: Ash Smit


I then rather excitedly packed my bags and got ready to fly into Durban the next morning. This weekend I am racing the MTN Ultra Hilton Marathon which is effectively my second home race. What makes it more exciting is that I can visit family again; I haven’t really seen my parents for the last 6 months. The race is literally on our door step with the King of the Mountains climb going past our drive way. Just hoping the rain stays away!


Till next week.



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