Black Spade Racing

I have been working on a new project over the last two months or so and I am glad to finally able to announce it. As of this July I have joined Black Spade Racing, a bicycle company based out of Cape Town, whom I will be working and racing for.

A short while ago whilst having dinner with good friend Ollie Munnik he told me about an opportunity which he thought I may be interested in. As it turned out I was, and after meeting Collin Allin( the founder of Black Spade), and then the rest of the team: Rob, James, Andrew and Brendan I found out more what Black Spade was and is about and I couldn’t be more excited about joining the team.

Some of you may be wondering who Black Spade is and what do they do? As I mentioned it is a Cape Town based bicycle company. We do road, mountain and time trial bikes, a few selected components and road and TT wheels. Check out our website by clicking here.

The idea behind the brand is that we are edgy, funky and unique and hence can build you a completely customized bicycle. This can be from how your bike is spec’ed down to your paint job. The bike can truly be yours!

I am running the day to day operations of the business, so if you need a new awesome bike, you know who to call!

Additionally I have ‘moved up in life’, literally, and I’ll be rolling on the big wheels for the first time aboard the Black Spade 29er carbon hardtail. On the tarmac I’ll be cruising along on the Black Spade road machine, with some sweet Black Spade 60mm deep section carbon wheels spinning smoothly below me.

I’ve been putting these bikes through the paces over the last few weeks and wow I am impressed. As it turns out big wheels really are cooler and I’m glad to have made the transition.

29er MTB Frame


Road Bike

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