A Letter to an Olympian

Dear Ash

I am writing this letter as a friend, fan and ‘younger brother’. As you may know I didn’t make the South African Olympic Team this year, apparently you have to be one of the best riders in the country to go to the games which I am unfortunately not (yet).

I am however talking to the Olympic Committee about adding the “Track Stand at the Traffic Lights” discipline to the 2016 Games in Rio (I managed to beat Ollie at this activity during our ride to Olympia this morning)

I need a favour you see. The other evening I was watching a TV show on how they make the Olympic medals and they looked pretty cool, all shiny and sparkly. If it’s not too much bother please could you win one of those medals on Sunday afternoon? (Note: catch the race live on SS4 from 12:50-17:15) I would really appreciate it and by knowing you I think it would boost my social status.

On a more serious note all the best Ash! I am very proud of you for just being at the Olympics but knowing you, this is not enough and coming away with anything less than a medal I think you may feel slightly disappointed. Champion, (aka Carl, Ash’s husband and one of my best friends) has told me your form is great and you’re more focussed than ever. I really am excited to see what you can do. I believe you’re going to make it count and use the opportunity you’ve been given to the full.



P.S. The gold medals are the shiniest.

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