Hi All

First things first, aplogies for the lack of blogging over the last month. I have just completed my Honours exams and hence for the last 7 weeks have been engulfed in the books. Those are finally finished so things can get back to normal again.

I have had quite some time off the bike now, always nice to have a bit of a break but feeling super motivated to get going again and get ready for 2012. Its going to be a big year with some exciting developments on the horizon… I’ll keep you posted on those in due time. I have in the mean time being doing some cross training in the form of running, gyming and to be honest a few jols on the side 😉 Training for 2012 starts on Monday, time to get the engine started again.

SW Contracts has also recently started a “Save the Rhino” campaign in light of the terrible Rhino poaching going on at the moment and we shall be launching a special edition “Save the Rhino” kit soon, more on that next week.

Bella, the Rhino supported by SW Contracts.

If you’re not doing Wine 2 Whales this weekend come through to Stellenbosch on Sunday and join in the Stellenbosch Ridelife event, more information on that can be found on this link or on their Facebook page

This is basically what Ridelife is all about:

“RideLife was created by the National Cycling Academy and its partners, who all wish for more people to use bicycles as transport.

• Raise awareness regarding safety of cyclists
• Provide opportunities for people who have never had access to a bicycle in the past, to receive an education in cycling safety
• ..and get them onto bicycles.”

I’ll be posting more frequently now I promise so keep checking in!

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