Boland Winter League Criterium # 2

Having raced the previous day at the Willow Creek Mountain Bike race the legs were a bit tired, combined with a tough week of training. We decided to ride to the start of the one and a half hour criterium race which was some 30km away. This was a good warm up and I felt I was ready to go again.

The format of the race was to be a criterium race with a handicap where the cat 2 riders would start 5 minutes ahead of us.

A small group set off with the Smith and Associate/O-Bike Maties guys doing most of the work in the first half an hour. I didn’t feel the pace was hard enough though and I didn’t think we would catch the Cat 2 guys if we carried on like that so I decided to attack and see what would come of it. I managed to stay away on my own for a lap but no one was chasing to bridge the gap so I sat up and went back to the bunch.

Image Credit: Marie Cronje

Half a lap later Jan Hendrik Verdoes (Maties) and Raymond Cox (Intellibus) attacked and knowing they were both quite strong I went across to join them. We built up a bit of a lead and slowly chipped away at the gap the cat 2 riders had.

With 3 laps to go, I decided to test the legs and attacked on the climb on the lap dis lodging Jan Hendrik with Raymond coming across to work with me again. We worked together until unexpectedly Christiaan kriek came across to us with two laps to go and attacked straight away. We closed the gap again and worked together.

Image Credit: Marie Cronje

On the last lap I attacked again on the climb and got a gap but Christiaan’s counter was too strong and I couldn’t hold on.

Raymond again caught me and we set to catch Christiaan. We managed to get the gap down to 10-15seconds until we started thinking about the sprint in the last km. I attacked a bit early and Cox came around me on the line and took 2nd place by half a wheel.

Christiaan finished 20seconds behind three cat 2 guys so actually finished 4th, Cox 5th and myself 6th. I was happy with the race and happy how I rode, maybe not the smartest race but aggressive nonetheless which is what I wanted for the days workout.

One thought on “Boland Winter League Criterium # 2

  1. Yip, it’s hard to race in the middle of winter while training, but I think we’ll see the fruit of it once the spring league starts. Let’s get more riders to join the next series!

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