SA Marathon Championships

Last weekend it was Inanda Dam, in Durban that hosted the 2011 SA Marathon Championships. The race took place in the Valley of a 1000 a well known race amongst the paddling community and one to become more so with the mountain bikers.



It was clear I had left my legs at home on race day. Amongst a few other problems such as getting lost and a puncture it was a race to forget.


After going through the first feed zone where my parents replenished my bottles, I started to enjoy the race somewhat more. The single track; that much time and money was spent on was super fun. Barring a couple of spills the rest of the day went off much better and I was happy that I managed to feel a lot stronger towards the end.



I guess you can’t always have a good day out but that’s cycling and you take the good with the bad and try draw something positive from it.


Up front Burry took his second national title within a couple of weeks, as he out sprinted Kevin for the stripes.


All photos compliments of Linda Wolhuter.

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