MTN Clarens National Ultra Marathon

My ten day trip up to the Highveld started off with a trek in a south western direction off to the little dorpie of Clarens. The town has become a tourist hot spot over the last few years but for us was the host of the MTN National Ultra Marathon. This was to be the 3rd race in the series and my second after missing Barbeton.

“Team Car!”


The rain bucketed down the day before the race but after riding parts of the start and finish it appeared as though the area drained quickly so I didn’t worry too much.

Come race morning we started in overcast cool conditions and all seemed to be fine until about 15km when we started hitting the mud. Although I was in the first group of riders going over these sections the mud was beautifully churned up already! Not more than 5km later the chain suck started. This was the end of the day for me at the front end of the race.

The Start

Photo Credit: Zoon Cronje


I clicked into survival mode and decided to take the shorter 80km route home as opposed to the planned 113km. Unfortunately; the mud destroyed my drive train. I did however manage to enjoy some sections of the course such as the slick rock riding.

All in all it wasn’t a day to remember but I guess you have to take the good with the bad and I live to fight another day.

This weekend is the Route 69 Mountain Bike Experience which I will be doing with Sean Williams one of my main sponsors.

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