Remember to double check your race bag…

and then check it again!

They look the same…


but actually they’re not…

That was my rookie/amateur/funrider mistake this weekend.   I was sitting in the car after having entered and all for the Degrendal mountain bike race about to change and go and warm up when I realised I had in fact packed in 1 road and 1 mountain bike shoe for the race. Unfortunately this meant no race for me.

Usually when it comes to packing kit for a race I double check everything and even pack too much, taking rain jackets and arm warmers when we end up racing in the blazing sun. You never know what it could be like at the venue though… Don’t know how this one slipped though. Nothing I can do about it now though.

I was back in Stellenbosch earlier than I expected and my sister came over to bake me some birthday cupcakes! Yum yum.

Later that afternoon Mel and I were off to Zorgvliet Wine Farm. Mel had organised a suprise birthday treat for me and we spent the afternoon picnicing under the trees on the luscious green lawns. The food was amazing and so to the Cabernet and company.

And if anyone hasn’t given me a birthday present yet, I won’t say no if one of these beauties arrive on my doorstep 🙂

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