New Sponsors

I have been lucky enough over the course of the last month to acquire 3 new sponsors. Thanks for helping me live the dream guys. They are:

Cube Bikes South Africa

I will be racing the . It is a beautiful bike and goes fast! Will blog again with more pics and more info about the bike. Thank you Paul, Darryl and Jacques.

Squirt Lube

The best wax based chain lube a cyclist can get their hands on. You’ve gotta try it if you havent already. Thank you Jacques.


Sludge Tyre Sealant

Sludge keeps my tubeless wheels sealed and stops any punctures. There are 3 different types of sealant availible so check out their site for more info. Thank you Chris.


To find out more info click on the links to their web-pages on the right of the screen.

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