The Unlimited Dusi Mfula

The Unlimited Dusi Mfula Mountain bike Stage Race

The 2010 Unlimited Dusi Mfula mountain bike race took place over two days, which followed roughly the same course as the famed Dusi Canoe Marathon. The first day would see us riding 65km from Kingsthorpe estate down to Inanada dam and the second day a loop of 42km around the dam. I had teamed up with a friend of mine Hilton Frost and we would be representing Cube Bikes South Africa in the race.

The first stage kicked off at a frantic pace with teams TIB insurance and Thule/Morewood driving the pace. Unfortunately we just missed the front selection of four teams and this would mean we would spend the rest of the day chasing. A few kilometres on whilst negotiating the first of many single tracks for the day a section of rocks cut Hilton’s tyre and this would be the first of four punctures for the day for us. We got going again soon and continued to chase, riding through the valley which included many cattle path single tracks, wooden bridges, rocks and gravel roads. Towards the end of the stage we managed to catch and pass the Fego Cafe team to move into 4th place for the day.

With slightly more tender legs we hopped onto boats which would transport us across the dam to the start of stage 2. This proved to be extremely cold and it showed as we started. The hot pace on the first climbs saw us going backwards. Fortunately as we warmed up on the main climb of the day up to Shembe plateau we managed to catch the Fego Cafe team again, moving us up into 4th place. We descended on some fun single track down towards the dam despite being a bit sandy and rough in places.

One of the highlights of the day must have been riding along the edge of cliffs after descending down the Shembe plateau and seeing an amazing waterfall. From here we encountered more single track which led us to the dam wall. We pushed the pace in an attempt to catch the 3rd placed Thule/Morewood team. Unfortunately this was not to be but we did manage to ride 8 minutes into the 5th placed Fego Cafe team.

A big thank you to Darryl, Paul and Jacques from Cube Bikes South Africa for sponsoring us the entry, we really enjoyed the race. Also thank you to The Unlimited for backing the event and it was great to meet Theresa from The Unlimited at the finish.

Final Results

  1. TIB Insurance – Andrew Hill and Carl Calvery
  2. Merridew and White
  3. Thule/Morewood – David Leiman and Jeremy Thomson
  4. Cube Bikes SA – Chris Wolhuter and Hilton Frost
  5. Fego Cafe

2 thoughts on “The Unlimited Dusi Mfula

  1. Hi Chris

    Thank you for your delightful article and we look foward to seeing you next year. It promises to be even better!!

    The Unlimited Team

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